Choosing Coffin

Choosing the right coffin for one person is probably one of the toughest decisions you have ever made. It needs to be considered long and decided for the appropriate. The coffin fan is very wide, and when you consider the quality of the desired tree and the joints you will build into it, there are many options.

Production and Sales in Our Factory

In our factory, especially for coffin orders from abroad, we manufacture on order basis. For the orders of a minimum of 500 coffins, we make price offer and we start to manufacture with your confirmation. We prepare and send you details of what kind of wood we will use and details such as the gaps or motifs you want to open on the coffin. Coffins are available for varnishing, painting or raw. Your order will be prepared within 3 business days at the latest once you e-mailed us with the details of your desired coffin. To make it yourself, you can browse our solid panel price list.

What if you make a coffin?

Assuming that the 500 coffin will be a bit many, we have created a guide for making your own coffin through WikiHow.comYou can obtain the necessary trees from our company.

Step 1 : Gather your materials

All of the materials are inexpensive and wooden parts can be picked up at our factory. “Things You’ll Need” will be listed at the end of the guide.

Step 2 : Create your template

Use shelf paper or some other large sheets of paper (the plain white back of gift wrap or newspaper end rolls can work if you’re on a budget), and tape the pieces together so that you have one sheet that is large enough to hold the design for the “footprint” of the coffin. Note that this is not the template for the base, which will be slightly smaller, but rather it is the template for the coffin with the side panels secured to the outside edges of the base.
This template allows you to obtain the correct measurements for the sides of the coffin and the correct angles at which to cut the sides. See figure 1 for the dimensions of the coffin. Use a t-square or carpenter’s square, and first draw the two perpendicular lines in the middle. Then draw the top and bottom edges, and finally connect the endpoints of the lines to form the sides as shown.

Step 3: Cut the sides of the coffin

The sides of the coffin will be 30 cm high, so take one of the 120 cm X 240 cm plywood panels and cut it lengthwise into four 30 cm X 240 cm pieces (you’ll need three of these to make the sides). Use a circular saw to cut the side panels according to the dimensions in figure 2. Make sure to cut the side edges of the panels at the correct angles so that they will fit together. For example, the panel at the “head” of the coffin should be 60 cm wide, and the edges should be cut at 53-degree angles.

Step 4: Draw a template for the base of the coffin

The side panels will be nailed to the outside edges of the base, so the base is slightly smaller (2 cm smaller on each side, assuming you are using 2 cm thick plywood) than the overall footprint you drew before. Tape sheets of shelf paper together as you did in step 3, and draw the base–once again drawing the two perpendicular lines first–according to the dimensions in figure 4.

Step 5: Cut the base of the coffin

Clamp your paper template over the remaining 120 cm X 240 cm sheet of plywood, so that the vertex of the widest point of the coffin touches the edge.
Use your circular saw to cut out the base of the coffin around the template.

Step 6: Assemble the coffin

Dry fit the sides of the coffin together and to the base. You just want to make sure that everything will fit together correctly before you start gluing the pieces.
Glue or screw the side panels to the base and to each other. The bottom edge of each side panel should be flush with the bottom of the base. Drive 1.5 cm screws through the side panels and into the base, and use glue, screws, or biscuits to secure the side edges of the panels together.

Step 7: Finish the coffin

If there are any holes or dents in your plywood, fill them with wood plugs or filler. Then stain the wood or paint it as desired. You can be as creative as you like in your decorations. If you wish to line the inside of the coffin with drapery or other fabric, you needn’t worry about staining the inside. Simply glue or staple the fabric to the inside.

Step 8: Attach the lid of the coffin

If you’re using the coffin for burial purposes, you can just nail the lid on. Otherwise, attach a piano hinge to one of the long edges of the coffin, and attach the hinge to the lid.


  • Take care when using saws or other power tools. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and pay attention to all warnings.
  • Apply veneer or paint only on a well ventilated area. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings.